The Unbelonging….

There she sits,
On the edge of the crescent moon.
Looking down at a rather dark world.
She’s negotiating ….
With shooting stars,
With galaxies,
With constellations,
With the cosmos….
She is on an adventure,
She is on an escapade…
Away and beyond,
Till the world has healed enough,
To take her back again.


I live in a bubble,
of self delight.
I sing to myself
in the still of the night.

I speak to silence,
And love its sound.
I look and I see
Only Beauty around !

Dreams I chase
like butterflies.
I float over clouds
That sail the skies.

I dip my brush,
Into the colors of the stars.
And paint a moon
That has no scars.

I let the raindrops
Tickle my spine
I pause and wonder
I have the time!

I let the gushing wind,
Slam my door.
I am the ocean
I am the shore!

I am the bubble,
Revelling in ecstacy.
I am freedom
I am eternity!

The Moon

Melt away,
You incandescent moon,
Into the shadow ,
Of your own light.
You are too beautiful ,
For me to behold!

Like a mellifluous zephyr,
You evolve ,
From constant change,
Into a harmonious vibe.
You embrace the now,
You harness chaos,
And become one with time.

Melt away,
You incandescent moon,
Into the shadow,
Of your own light.
You are too beautiful,
For me to behold!

A silent incantation,
Of a magic spell
A rare alchemy,
Of both ecstacy and pain,
A free spirit,
You have been,
And you shall ever remain.


It’s Valentine’s day ❤….and yes the Camillias showed up in all their glory🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
I stood in awe at the sheer beauty of their being. 💕
I stood in wonder ….. feeling thankful for the joy they were bringing.💓

The dreamer in me said thus:

“Your petals are the pages of the book,
That hold fast the promise of a flower…
The promise to lighten hearts and brighten days….
The promise to soothe the tired mind….
The promise to bring love….
The promise to make the world smile….
The promise to remain beautiful forever….
The promise to add colour to this otherwise bleak world….
The promise to whisper hope in silent repose ….
The promise to restore faith ….
The promise to let me hold and behold eternity, each time I am with you.”


Walk in the Woods….


If I was the ocean,

And you the sun,

Would you set upon my dreams

When the day was done?

Would you hide yourself,

In my waiting embrace?

Would you let the world,

See you in my face?

Would you let me rest,

My restless soul,

Upon your calm,

And make me whole?

Would you let me drown,

In the magic of your hues?

Would you let me paint,

Would you be my muse?

Would you sail with me,

Upon the tide of love?

Would you run on moonbeams,

To touch the moon above?

Would you be my circle of life?

One life at a time.

Would you be my forever,

My infinity divine?

Her Silence….

Her silence,

Fell like leaves,

In the still of autumn,

Upon the quietness,

Of an unawakened night.

Laid bare,

Under the pale celestial lights,

The scars of her silence,

Rose like waves,

To kiss ,

The scars of the moon.

footprints of destiny…

And sometimes I must go,

Only with the flow.

Tracing the footprints

Of destiny…..

Lead me life ,

To the wonders I yet not know.

Lead me to the wonders,

Of my being….

Which I have never ….

Never ever seen

Lead me to the sunshine

In my soul….

Lead me to the love

That has made me whole.

Lead me oh! Footprints

Of destiny

Where all my dreams

Wait for me…..

Lead me, oh! Gentle stream of life,

To me. To me. To me.


October , like an old love,

Tugs upon the strings of my heart,

Creating a nostalgic melody,

Of years and times gone by.


When October

Conjured magic,

When the October air,

Cast a spell of romance,

When October could enchant,

Like a wizard.

When October ,

Was the last song,

That creation sang,

Before falling asleep,

In the cradle of winter,

When October,

Was a fairytale,

And I, the Princess in disguise,

When each fallen leaf,

Had a story to tell,

And each October heart ,

Had a love to beat for .

The stories my mother told….

Everytime the burden of growing up ,

weighs me down,

And adulthood seems too much to handle…..

I close my eyes,

and go back… a beautiful October night,

When the first slight sign of winter ,

was chilling the air,

And I ,

A little girl,

was tucked up in bed….

With my Mamma…..

And she,

She was ready with her trove of stories,

To lullaby me to sleep.

From fairytales to fantasies,

She took me to places, to worlds and to people ,

I had never known.

And maybe that was true for her too.

She took me through ,

The darkest forests,

We sailed upon the most treacherous seas,

We chanced upon fortunes,

We held the world….

Like a crystal ,

In the palm of our hands.

My Mamma’s stories,

Made me believe,

In everything I had never seen,

Never known….

My Mamma,

And her stories,

Gave me hope……

For no matter how dark the forest,

Or how treacherous the sea….

We always found our way back to a happy end.

A happy everafter feeling.