The Pine Cone…..

Fragility, scorched by the sun,

Tenderness, beaten by the rain,

Quiddity, shaken by the storms,

And yet it dares to prevail.

‘Neath the hardened cone,

Lies the heart of a tender pine,

A testimony of how it defied,

The painful test of each trying time.

And now much like a sage,

It sits upon the great old tree,

Waiting to share its inspiring tale,

With the likes of you and me.


The writer’s ink….

One day I shall throw

All caution to the wind ,

And dip myself

In the writer’s ink.

And write upon

This restless world,

Words of comfort and

Words of peace.

Like the rain

My words will fall,

To wash away

The dust of pall,

That settles upon

Hopes and dreams,

That steals the lustre

Of the evergreen leaves.

Some might say

Who will read my words,

In the hustle and bustle

Of this disquieted world.

But say I,

Does the sun not rise

Upon the dark world each day,

Does the moon not shine bright

To guide the lost from wandering astray.

Do the stars not twinkle

The brightest in the dark,

Does not creation still rise

With the song Of the lark.

And so I must…

Throw all caution to the wind,

And dip myself in the writer’s ink.

And write upon this chaotic world,

Words of comfort and

Words of peace.

The awakening of life….

The Earth glowed and blushed,

All because the sun was rising.

And upon her bosom fell,

The warmth of a million rays.

As beautiful as a bride,

Who stands at the threshold of a new life,

The Earth stands,

at the dawn of a new day.

Each day. With each rise of the sun.

Stirring creation,

To the awakening of a new life.

Rise ! Oh man!

And sing , sing ye with the birds,

And let the scent of the flowers

Be the fragrance of your being.

Embrace the brilliance.

Embrace the light.


Rise! Rise! To the awakening of the miracle of life.

Her Journey Has Just Begun….

The snow has clad the mountains,

In a coat of white.

The world looks upon the beauty ,

In wondrous awe.

The rain on her tin roof,

Is making a melody,

That’s drowning every sound

She has heard ever before.

All by herself, but not alone

Happy to be by her own side,

Her journey has just begun,

To hear the silence that rides

Even upon the boisterous tide.

She is falling into her own arms,

Knocking at the door of her own heart.

Let the raindrops serenade,

Let the mountains be whiter,

Let the world look upon in awe

And let silence be the only sound that rises deep within her.

The Temple Bells

Ring! Ring! Ring! The temple bells,

Oh! Mortal man,

With your weary hands

And let the gentle echo of their chime,

Run like waves upon the universe,

To rest upon the shore of another restless heart.

Ring! Ring! Ring! The temple bells,

Oh! Mortal man,

And arouse the slumbering conscience

Of those steeped in the stupor of unbelief,

To a spring time of faith and truth.

Ring! Ring! Ring! The temple bells,

Oh! Mortal man

And let the last peal rest upon the infinity of silence,

And upon the quietness of eternity.

Ring! Ring! Ring! The temple bells,

Oh! Mortal man,

Do not tire,

Though your hands be weary,

Let the divine sound of life flow freely

For someone , somewhere

Needs an awakening

A deep quickening and

A resurrection to live yet again.

Change. To Remain The Same….

I am the sunbeam that brightens the day,

And the moonbeam that lights up the night.

Oft times I feel like a rainbow

Painted in colours of divine delight.

I hear the wind chuckle,

When it makes the leaves rustle,

Oft I feel like a dew drop

Upon the tender rose petal.

I am a cloud. I drift . I float.

I am the song of the sky.

I have seen paradise

All because I can fly.

I am the birth of another life,

Where secrets wear no veil,

Where mysteries are verses,

I sing with the nightingale.

I am a seeker, a dreamer ,

An illusion without a name,

I change forever, as I must

Only to remain eternally the same.

The Light Of My Being

You lit the supreme light of my being,

With nothing but love.

I became the universe,

And you my harmony.

The magic has begun.

I am now the infiniteness of creation,

And everything that ever was,

Only because you lit the supreme light of my being,

With nothing but love.